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Thinking of Changing Accountants?

It is a big decision. Your existing accountant might have been with you for some time and been through some particularly tough times with you.

But as things progress relationships do run their course. It may not be that the service your accountant offers has deteriorated, it’s just that a fresh pair of eyes and a new energy is required to give you a new perspective on your business.

At BMS we have found that new clients really appreciate the free health check that we give all our clients, not just when they join us but on a continuous basis.

We believe an accountants job is not just to provide bookkeeping and accountancy services, but rather to review results with our clients, give informed opinions on the business’ perfromance and to offer practical advice.

Changing Accountants need not be stressful. The fact that you have looked into what accountants are available in your area means the seed has been sown.

Review our website and if you think BMS Accountants can be of service to you, please contact us.
We look forward to your call.

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